Team Wachter Farts & Fossils Summer Update

We decided to profile our team alphabetically as opposed to chronologically by age. We were going to start at the youngest then work up to oldest however we all know you should never ask a woman how old she is; and frankly we suspect some of our fossils may not be exactly truthful when it comes to their ages… lol

We start our Team Wachter Summer Stories from the June Classic II 2015 @ RMSJ with Anja Bertens

Miss Anja started her week in the 0.85 Jumpers with fellow fossil Yvette and had a couple of clear rounds. She then moved over to the light side (Hunters) with fellow fossil Leighanne. There is where Miss Anja shone. She was the Eq Champion in the 2’9″, the Reserve Champion in the Modified Child/Adult 2’9″. All this was in preparation for her amazing round in the 3′ Derby Friday night. She took all the 3’3″ high options and handy turns to win herself a 6th place ribbon against 23 other tough competitors. On Sunday she competed in the 3′ Classic and Medal Classes and pinned well in both of those as well. Congratulations Anja we couldn’t be prouder of our fossil. A big shout out and thanks to her daughter Claire who graciously allows Anja to borrow Mina so that she can come horse show with us.

Pop Star (Fart) Colten Powell. Colten is our youngest team member but continuously proves that age and jump heights are just numbers.
Colten and WH Matador started the season off with great results in Thunderbird Show Park moving up from the 1.0m to the 1.10m and winning a Reserve Championship in the 1.10m. They continued their winning spree at RMSJ in June. Colten & WH Matador placed 1st out of a class of 17 and a solid 3rd out of 20 in their 1.10m classes. Colten also brought WH California to RMSJ and once again wowed everyone! Colten proved once again what an amazing hand and solid competitor he is. After only a few rides on California at home Colten & California had some great classes in the 0.9 m’s. He then rode her in his first 1.0m CET Mini Medal Class. We can’t wait to see where this year takes him.

We wish him and all the Team Wachter competitors who are going, the best of luck as they head to Milner for the next 2 weeks.

Kayla Thompson.

Kayla and Gaspary W won their very first class together in the 1.0m on the first day and then followed with another win in the same division on day 2. They spent the rest of the week in the 1.1m classes were they also experienced huge successes; they had clear rounds and solid placings in almost every round. They capped the week earning a Championship for their efforts in the 1.0m Division. Congratulations Kayla & Gus!!!
Kayla continues to prove that hard work and dedication pays off in the end. We are so proud of the work ethic that Kayla continuously demonstrates and to have her on our team. We are excited to see what the August tournament has in store for these 2.

Fossil Leighanne McLellan
Leighanne and her mare Pretty in Pink (aka Molly) completed their first Hunter Derby. They started the week in the 2’9” Hunter Divisions placing in all of their classes and by Friday night Beda coaxed them to compete in the 3’ Hunter Derby. The pair had a few mistakes and didn’t place however took all but 2 of the 3’3” options and had a great time. On Sunday they made it into the work off in the 3’ Medal Class; placing 4th and also a solid 7th in the 3’ Hunter Classic.

Our final Wachter Horses member who competed at the June Classic II 2015 @ RMSJ  was our fellow Fossil Yvette Taylor.

Yvette and her tiny but mighty Vonavet Smart Move (aka Tongo) Rocked out the 0.85 Jumper Ring all week.  They are such a competitive team and placed so well throughout the week in their 0.85 classes that they ended up Champion in that division.  They just spent two weeks in Milner where Yvette succumbed to the peer pressure of the two farts, Jalene and Colten, and moved up to the 0.9m where they rocked it out again.  The pair were Reserve Champion in the Open 0.9m and Grand Champion in the Jr/Am 0.9m.  Watch out for these two for the rest of the summer!!!

RMSJ  June 2015 022 Derby Oxer edit RMSJ  June 2015 530 RMSJ  June 2015 466Anja derby

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